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April 12, 2013
Rogue Kitchen & WetBar

Thai Beef Salad - $16.99 (3/5)

Salad! With Noodles! That’s a first. Good for people who are craving salads but want more because salad’s aren’t usually filling. Bad for people who are trying to avoid the carbs. The sirloin was absolutely delicious, the avocado gave this salad a nice touch, and there needs to be more lotus root chips. 

Had this been our first time at this establishment, our first impression would probably be to pass for the future. However, this wasn’t our first time. We will definitely be going back as they don’t serve the typical burgers/pasta dishes. We’ll just get something else other than this dish.

Sunday’s - Thursday’s: 11AM - 11PM
Friday’s & Saturday’s: 11AM - Midnight

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