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February 5, 2013
Italian Kitchen

Italian Kitchen is an upscale restaurant situated in the heart of downtown, cleverly located near its sister restaurants.  If you’re not really into steak (Black + Blue) or seafood (Coast), you may consider Italian Kitchen for some pasta or other cuisine.  We have dined here for both lunch and dinner, but today we decided to try out their Glowbal Friday burger special.  Italian Kitchen’s special is actually a chicken parmesan panini with a choice of soup or salad with a beer!  You can get all of this for a mere $10. 
Chicken Panini - (6.5/7)
This was actually one of the best sandwiches that we’ve ever had!  We honestly enjoyed this more than the pastas and fish that we have ordered in the past.  The bread had the perfect crunch to it but wasn’t too hard nor too soft.  The fior di latte complemented the breaded chicken cutlet perfectly, making it a light but satisfying lunch.  
Pumpkin Soup (6/7)
The creamy soup was nice, thick, and hot.  It was really cold today so the soup warmed us right up and dipping the panini into the soup was a great combination.
Ceasar Salad (6/7)
This was just a typical ceasar salad that didn’t really have anything special about it.  The vegetables were fresh and the sauce was nice and light.
Complementary Bruschetta (5.5/7)
The presentation of this appetizer was beautiful but the taste and texture was just okay.  The bruschetta wasn’t too tasty but the fior di latte and turkey made it a nice dish.
Italian Kitchen is definitely a trendy restaurant that you should visit for lunch or dinner!  It gets quite packed though so make sure you make reservations!
Food: 6/7
Value: 6.5/7
Service: 6/7
Italian Kitchen
Sundays - Thursdays: 11:30AM until 1:00AM
Fridays - Saturdays: 11:30AM until 2:00AM

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