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February 4, 2013
Bella Gelateria

This is THE place for gelato.  Bella is a fairly new establishment located on the ground level of the Fairmont Hotel Pacific Rim.  The owner of this particular shop graduated from the “University of Gelato” and recently won two awards at the international gelato competition in Italy.  We ventured down to Waterfront hunting for dessert and to our surprise, the shop was packed on a late Sunday night!  The staff here are very friendly and you’re allowed up to 3 samples.  The gelato (and sorbetto) is a bit on the pricier side but it’s definitely worth it.  After tax, it cost around $5.50 for a small one scoop cup and $6.50 for a small one scoop cone.  
Black Sesame Gelato (7/7)
This is seriously one of the best ice creams that we’ve ever had in our lives.  Trust us.  Gabriel’s been to Japan multiple times to eat this (黒ゴマアイス)and somehow, this Italian version was even better!  The rich creamy black sesame tasted perfect as an icy confection.
Yuzu Sorbetto (7/7)
Yuzu is an East Asian citrus fruit which is slightly tart, and popular in Korea and Japan.  This is believed to be a hybrid between the sour mandarin and the papeda (a Chinese lemon/orange like fruit).  The taste is extremely unique and the sorbetto is light and refreshing.  This taste is definitely not something that you can experience often in North America so it was really surprising to see it on the sorbetto menu!  
Matcha Cannolli (6.75/7)
This is basically an Italian flaky pastry roll with gelato inside.  There were many flavours such as chocolate, expresso, and dulce de leche but we decided on matcha since it seemed to be their best seller.  This was extremely delicious but not as amazing as the first two ice creams!
Toasted Pecan with Maldon Sea Salt (6.75/7)

This was amazing as well as the pecan and sea salt perfectly complemented each other!  While it sounds quite sweet, it was actually quite light and creamy so at the end of our snack, there was no sickly sweet after taste that you get from eating inexpensive ice creams.  
The frozen confections here are very expensive but definitely worth it!
Food: 7/7
Value: 6/7
Service: 7/7

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