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February 1, 2013
Cardero’s Restaurant & Marine Pub

**Dine Out Vancouver**

We decided to try out Cardero’s after having gone to Seasons In The Park for Dine Out. Since they’re under the same chain of restaurants (Sequoia), we wrongly assumed that the food would be just as amazing as Season’s. Sequoia is known for having their restaurants face an absolutely stunning view for their diners, so Cardero’s was no exception. Being right on the Coal Harbour, this would make a nice romantic place for a date. The interior resembled something of the inside of a boat/ship - makes sense given that there were quite the number of boats docked. The food however, was good but wasn’t mind blowingly remarkable.

Tomato Bocconcini Salad - (6/7)

Presentation was definitely well thought out. Everything was laid out neatly to a pin, which showcased each ingredient that was put into this dish. The balsamic reduction definitely complemented the salad, and the basil gave it a nice hint of mint flavour.

Manhattan Style Clam Chowder - (regularly $4.50 (cup) / $8 (bowl))

This had no presentation value to it at all. It appears like they literally just scooped the soup out from the pot and into this small bowl. No crackers, no garnish. Perhaps it is not common for Manhattan Style Clam Chowder to be garnished or to be eaten with crackers, but it would have been nice if we were asked if we wanted crackers with it. However, this just tasted like a regular tomato based soup with lots of clams. 

Braised Lamb Shank - (5/7)


The lamb was very soft, as we were able to peel it off the bone with ease. It was juicy and not chewy, and did not have that offensive lamb smell/taste to it. The mashed potatoes were sitting in the red wine demi-glace which made it taste a bit different - in a bad way. And the presentation of the vegetables were questionable. It’s as if they got lazy and didn’t feel the need to dice or cut it into bite sized pieces. Yes, we’re capable of cutting it ourselves, however, giving us a 1/4 piece of red pepper and the entire long carrot was quite troublesome and unexpected.

Grilled Steelhead Salmon - (5/7)


Having tried Season’s same entree, as previously stated, we had high expectations. Yes, it is unfair to compare as they are different restaurants with different chef’s and we should have an open mind, but can you blame us? They are under the same chain, after all! However, this WAS very good, though. A friend of ours said this was the best salmon she’s had. The vegetables tasted absolutely delicious with the brown butter sauce.

Cardero’s Chocolate Mousse Cake - (6/7)


We had mixed opinions on this. One doesn’t like chocolate so they automatically disliked it after the first few bites, but after trying it a bit more, they grew to like it. It was light and fluffy (as should be) and just melts in your mouth. Another one of us thought it was way too sweet. There was one thing we all agreed on, and that was that raspberry coulis does not mix well with chocolate.

Complementary Bread + Butter (5/7)


Yes, this needs to be reviewed only because the bread was rock hard, and they did not provide us with any butter knives.


Food: 5/7

Value: 5/7

Service: 6/7

Cardero’s Restaurant & Marine Pub


Monday’s - Sunday’s: 11:30AM - 12:00AM

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