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January 20, 2013
Sushi Nanaimo

Staying true, loyal, and dedicated to our self-proclaimed obsession, and for our love for/with sushi, here is yet another sushi post. Sushi Nanaimo is located in East Vancouver, not too far down from the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE), and is conveniently located on the corner of Nanaimo (of course) and East Hastings, so it’s pretty hard to miss. What sets this hidden gem apart from the others is that this is actually Japanese owned. That, and the food never fails to impress us. It is quite small inside so be sure to avoid dining rush hours, or be prepared to wait. Trust us - it’ll be worth the wait.

Sushi Pizza - $8.95 (4/7)


Say whaaat?! This isn’t your typical pizza. All those “toppings” you see consist of avocado, cucumber, tobiko, spicy salmon, green onion, mayo, on a bed of crispy fried rice that is the “crust”. It can get quite messy and will fall apart on you. Having said that, this is one pizza that you must, and should, be eating with utensils and not your hands.

Nanaimo Roll - $6.95 (10/7)


Oh. My. God. Can you say HEAVEN?! How can we describe this? To put it bluntly, this is THE epitome of “party in your mouth”. Spicy tuna sashimi, cucumber, yam shoestring fries, mayo, teriyaki (?) sauce … What’s there to NOT love?!

Awesome Roll - $6.95 (7/7)


At Sushi Nanaimo, they give you an option to have the toppings for your Awesome Roll with either the bonito flakes or the yam shoestrings. We opted for the yam shoestrings because who doesn’t like yam fries? Result? Tasted just like the Nanaimo Roll = win.

Chicken Teriyaki - $7.50 (4.5/7)


Pretty standard. Can’t go wrong here.

Alaska Roll - $3.95 (1/7)

This is pretty much a fail. What sets this apart from Sushi Garden/Town/California/etc. is that the avocado aren’t mushy. As weird as that may sound, the mushiness of the avocado is what makes this roll tasty. Also, if you notice from the below picture, they put dollops of the sauce on top of the salmon, whereas at the other joints, the sauce is infused/drenched/swimming (in a good way) throughout the roll. This is a pass.

Deep Fried California Roll - $4.95 (7/7)

This MELTS in your mouth. The breaded deep fried-ness that wraps the roll is crunchy like a tempura, and because it is deep fried, it makes the entire roll warm (not in a bad way). Pure genius. Simplicity at its finest.


California Roll - $2.95 (4/7)


For every restaurant you go to, is there a particular item you MUST get to determine how good the chefs are? The one simple item that they can not fail? For us, it’s the California Roll. Perhaps it is so simple that they tried so hard to make it good, that they tried TOO hard. Did that make sense? In any case, this was a fail. As this was our first time dining here, we were scared that this restaurant would also be a fail judging from the California Roll. Guess you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover .. judge a restaurant by their roll? 

Spicy Salmon Sashimi - $8.95


Again, pretty standard. If you’re not a fan of spice, this may drown you. Pun intended.


Food: 7/7

Value: 7/7

Service: 7/7

Sushi Nanaimo

Monday’s - Sunday’s: 11:00AM - 10:00PM

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