January 18, 2013
Sushi Garden

One thing you should know about us is that we are sushi aficionado’s, and thus, have an unhealthy obsession with it. Sushi Garden (both Kingsway/Metrotown and Lougheed Highway locations) is THE mother of all sushi places. Admittedly, Sushi Garden used to be our favourite sushi joint until we discovered Sushi Nanaimo and their specialty rolls (can you say Awesome Roll and Nanaimo Roll?). That (specialty rolls), and the fact that it is SO much closer to home is a big plus. But that doesn’t mean we don’t visit the place that started our love for sushi anymore…

Prawn Tempura - $7.50 (7/7) 


There’s really not much to say about this, except for the fact that it tastes like pure heaven everytime we order it. We’re not sure as to how often they change their oil, but it definitely seems like it’s a daily thing as the tempura is always fresh and crisp. There’s just the right amount of batter and deep fried to pure perfection.

California Cone - $2.95 (7/7)

If you’re a fan of the California Roll, this is a MUST GET. It’s a California Roll, but in cone form. They definitely do NOT skimp out on the crab meat and they use a slice of avocado, so you can definitely taste the creaminess. The California Cone is so good that we can say it is 10x better than the actual California Roll itself.

Spicy Chopped Scallop Cone - $3.50 (6/7)

Again, they do NOT skimp out on the scallop. They do, however, skimp out on the hot sauce. They just squeeze a dollop on top of the scallop. ..It’d be nice if they mixed it with the scallop throughout. They sometimes even forget the sauce. Preposterous, right?


Alaska Roll - $3.95 (7/7)


This isn’t your typical Alaska Roll that you get at sushi joints. This is basically an Avocado Roll drenched with some sort of mysterious awesome sauce (it might just be the typical salad dressing you get at sushi place’s, but it’s full of garlic-y goodness) topped with a thin slice of salmon sashimi. A lot of Sushi Garden/Town/California noobies don’t know about this because the restaurants don’t write a description as to what’s in the roll, nor do they provide pictures, but GET THIS. Yes, that was a command. You will NOT regret it. You may, however, regret having garlic breath after, so if you’re on a date, be sure to pack some gum/mints/breath spray.

Assorted Nigiri


Inari - $1.00 (7/7)

This sweet tofu pocket filled rice is absolutely delicious. The tofu lives up to how it’s supposed to taste - sweet and juicy. Have this without dipping it in soya sauce!

Tamago - $1.00 (5/7)

Because the tamago is quite thin, you can’t really taste the sweetness of it. Still a good piece of sushi, though. Soya sauce may be needed.

Ebi - $1.20 (7/7)

There’s not much to say about this, it’s just your typical piece of ebi nigiri. They do, however, put quite a bit of wasabi underneath, so if you can’t handle spice - you have been warned. 

Toro - $1.30 (7/7)

As with all other sashimi, you definitely get your bang for your buck here. The pieces are huge!

AmaEbi - $1.80 (7/7)

Again, it tastes how it’s supposed to. You can safely say their sashimi are fresh, thus, food = awesome.

Hotate - $1.50 (7/7)

Fat, plump, juicy. Need we say more?

Masago - $1.30 (7/7)

They load this up! It can get quite messy. Be sure you either eat this all in one bite or have your plate right under your mouth to catch all the falling eggs!

Saba - $1.00 (7/7)

Can’t go wrong with this. Or any of their nigiri’s. Or roll’s. Or cooked item’s. Or sashimi. 


Food: 7/7

Service: 3/7 (they’re getting better, though!)

Value: 7/7

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