GORGELICIOUS - UBC Triple O’s (White Spot burgers!)
January 13, 2013
UBC Triple O’s (White Spot burgers!)

The White Spot at UBC went under renovation and became a Triple O’s!  Now you just order and sit wherever you want.  No waitresses, no tips, and a cheaper menu (not that cheap -most burger combos are $10 or so). Anyway, it was 4:00PM and we were starving so we decided to drop by for their Tuesday burger special.  It was $3.30 for their classic burger which includes the following: their classic soft bun, a grilled beef patty, lettuce, tomato, legendary sauce and a pickle on top. 

Legendary Burger - $3.30 (4.5/7) 


This burger was quite mediocre but acceptable for the low price.  Normally, the same burger (or something similar) would cost three times more at a White Spot so we can’t really complain.  The burger was a bit on the small side and there weren’t enough vegetables.  Since it was a snack, the size was perfect!  Overall, it was a little on the bland side but we think we got our money’s worth!


Food: 4.5/7

Value: 6/7

Service: N/A

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