GORGELICIOUS - Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House (Happy Hour)
January 7, 2013
Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House (Happy Hour)

Joe Fortes has a happy hour that goes on every day from 4:00PM - 6:00PM!  We decided to try this out since the prices were right and boy, were we satisfied!  We ended up completely stuffed and with a bunch of leftovers even though we only had to pay around $17 per person.  The only thing we would like to mention about this happy hour is that there are no reservations and it is pretty much first come first serve.  You have to sit at one of the high stool counters or the bar in order to qualify for the happy hour specials.


Jumbo Tempura Prawns - $13.95 —> $6.98(6.5/7)

These are amazing!  They’re probably the size of the prawns that you can get at Coast or Bluewater, except deep fried to perfection.  The spicy mayo on the side makes the dish absolutely perfect and I can honestly say that these were one of the best prawn tempuras that I’ve ever had!

Crisp Calamari - $14.95 —> $7.48 (6/7)

As calamari lover’s, we’d have to go back and carefully compare all the different calamari dishes we have tried previously.  This calamari in particular was very fresh and prepared impeccably, as it wasn’t too chewy and the batter was thin and crisp.  The dish was covered in spicy chilies and came with a sundried tomato aioli that was actually our favourite dip! 

Truffle Parmesan Frites - $9.95 —> $4.98 (5.5/7)

These were delicious at first, but we quickly grew tired of them.  The fries were generously covered in cheese and made an excellent snack to eat with our beers.  However, they felt a bit too dry at the end and we couldn’t really finish.

Sweet Potato Fries - $7.95 —> $3.98 (5.75/7)

These were more on the plain side, but were definitely some of the best sweet potato fries that we’ve ever had!  However, we had the same problem as the other fries and ended up doggy bagging them.

Joe’s Mini Cheese Burgers - $12.95 —> $6.48 (5/7)

These were very mediocre.  We don’t have much to say about them but they’re just regular sliders with nothing special.  The coleslaw that came with them was delicious though!

Fried Oysters - $14.95 —> $7.98 (5.5/7)

These were good but not as good as the ones you can get at Rodney’s!  We enjoyed the sauces that came with them though.

The happy hour at Joe Fortes is an excellent way to have an early dinner while grabbing a few beers after work!  The food was definitely worth the price and the atmosphere of the restaurant is excellent.  Our waitresses were very attentive and kind as well!



Food: 6/7

Value: 7/7

Service: 6/7

Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House


Monday’s - Sunday’s - 11:00AM - 11:00PM

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