GORGELICIOUS - Hapa Izakaya Yaletown
December 23, 2012
Hapa Izakaya Yaletown

This exciting chain of Japanese pub style restaurants have popped up all over Vancouver over the past years and have been really making an impact on the restaurant scene here.  We’ve tried the majority of them (Coal Harbour, Robson Street West end, and Yaletown) but today we’d like to post up a review of Yaletown’s Hapa!  The restaurant is much smaller than the original restaurant on Robson Street but still gave off a great vibe.  The dark atmosphere mixed with some traditional Japanese accents made the overall ambiance quite suitable for a satisfying dinner after work.   Since Gabriel has had the opportunity to live in Japan for nearly half a year, he can really tell you if Hapa is the real thing or not!

By the way, Hapa Izakaya recently introduced their Happy hour, called “Hapa Hour”!  The “Hapa Hour” menu and hours are posted on their main website, but you can expect to get great deals on their tapas before 6pm! (6:30pm @ Robson) 

Edamame - $2.24 (6/7)


This is a classic chilled bean dish that is served at many Japanese pubs.  Hapa gives a kick to this dish by marinating it in their special soy sauce and it made it nice and savoury!  Although we love edamame, we prefer the regular kind. 

Spicy Pork Ishi- yaki - $4.99 (5.5/7)


This dish is presented in a very hot stone bowl and then mixed in front of you by the waitress, the dish will then slowly cook in the bowl until it becomes nice and crispy.  However, we didn’t really like the rice as much as we thought we would so it was a bit disappointing.

Tropical Roll - $2.99 (4/7)


This tasted like regular western sushi.  Nothing too special.

Dynamite Roll - $3.75 (3/6)


This was minty and strange.  We thought it was the worst dish and regret ordering it. 

Renkon Gyoza Tempura - $3.99 (5/7)


One of Hapa’s most popular dishes.  We rate it overhyped.  It was made very well, but we guess it simply just did not suit our tastes?  After hearing all the raving reviews, we expected something amazing!  However, after the first bite, we were just like, “meh”. 

Negitoro - $4.49 (6.5/7)


This was amazing.  At the Robson location we would give this a 6.75.  However, it was still amazing here as well!  The tuna belly simply melts in your mouth, and it is truly ingenious that they decided to make this dish include garlic bread instead of sushi rice. 

Beef Tataki - $4.49 (6/7)


Again, this is made a lot better at the main location on Robson.  However, it was still prepared extremely well and was delicious.

Anyways, we really hope that we’ll get to review Robson’s Hapa Izakaya for you guys again!  Yaletown’s Hapa is great but if you’re really picky about your food, perhaps you should visit Robson’s instead. 

Table Setting, Menu, and Collage:



Food: 5.5/7

Value: 5/7

“Hapa Hour” Happy hour Value: 6/7!!!

Service: 6/7

Hapa Izakaya


Monday’s - Sunday’s: 5PM till late

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