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December 6, 2012
HML Seafood Restaurant - 明月樓海鮮酒家

**This blog entry is based purely on their dim sum**

Walking into a densely packed restaurant is not something you want to do unless it is worth the craving.  On the contrary, would entering an empty restaurant give you the opposite feeling?  Today, we strolled into “HML Seafood Restaurant” on No.3 Road in Richmond and were surprised by the half vacant seating they had at around lunch time.  Now, HML is obviously not a high-end restaurant, nor a nice one, but I would categorize it as a higher-end budget friendly Chinese joint.  The venue itself is decorated quite nicely, but you can tell that the utensils and tableware have worn quite old.  There is no tea charge at HML, and it is 20% off dim sum every single day. 

After several minutes of contemplation, we quickly decided on six favorite dishes which are musts when ordering dim sum.

金粟帶子腸粉 Steamed Rice Rolls with Scallop - $4.95 (4.5/7)


The noodle roll was soft, chewy, and cooked to perfection (though not many restaurants can screw this dish up).  While the tender scallops complemented the dish impeccably, the unmentioned corn kernels did not. 

Steamed Rice Rolls Stuffed with Chinese Donut Topped with Shredded Pork - $4.95 (5.25/7)


This was probably our favorite dish.  The tangy Hoisen (Seafood) Sauce definitely suited the delicious combination of the tender rice noodle wrap and savoury deep fried bread.  It was dusted on top with pork floss, which is a processed dried meat product with a light and fluffy texture.

Steamed Turnip Cake with Preserved Meat - $3.95 (5.5/7)

**No picture as we were way too excited to try it that we dived in and before you know it, it was all gone**

Normally we would order fried turnip cake (served with Hoisen Sauce) or stir-fry XO Sauce turnip cake, but we decided to try something new today.  The dish was pleasantly oil free with a nice aroma of green onions and dried meat.  Though plain, it is definitely something that we will reorder.

明月樓水晶蝦餃皇 Superior Steamed Shrimp Dumplings - $4.25 (5/7)


These plump dumplings taste especially good when you dip them in the sweet soy sauce provided with the Rice Noodle Roll dishes.  The dumplings at HML tasted pretty much the same as the ones that you can get at Fisherman’s Terrace (Aberdeen) or Shi-Art (Richmond Centre), so we were quite content with them.  The size of the dumplings were on the bigger side and the dumpling skin’s thickness was just right.

御厨流沙飽 Steamed Custard Bun - $3.95 (5/7)

image image

When it came down to dessert, we really had to ruminate before ordering.  Dim sum offers a plethora of delectable desserts which makes it extremely hard to choose.  Contemplating between the egg custard tarts and the egg yolk custard buns, we finally decided with the buns because of the cold weather.  The steamed bun itself was fresh and moist while the filling was nice and viscous.  Our favorite part about this dessert was that it was not too sweet at all!

酥皮白麻蓉焗布甸 Baked Tapioca Pudding Stuffed with Sesame Paste - $3.75 (4.75/7)

image image

This is a classic Chinese dessert shrunk down to dim sum sized portion.  The top is covered by a baked pineapple bun crust while the inside is comprised of a thick gooey tapioca pudding with a tantalizing sesame paste at the bottom.  As much as this is one of our favorite desserts, HML simply did not make it well enough.  I must admit that it was delicious, but we have had much better elsewhere. 

That concludes our short dim sum lunch!  The bill ended up coming to $26 after tax and tip.  We walked out extremely full and reasonably satisfied.  It would be worthwhile to accentuate that the majority of the staff here do not speak English.  Thankfully, they do have an English/Chinese scantron type of ordering sheet where you can tick off the dishes you want and simply hand it to the server.   

Random picture of their chili paste with mustard.



Food: 4/7

Value: 4.5/7

Service: 4.5/7

HML Seafood Restaurant

**Cash or Interac only**

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