February 10, 2014
Italian Kitchen

This time we went back to try out their brunch menu.  We got off to a rocky start - waited almost 30 minutes before anyone noticed that we were sitting at the back, in the corner.  Our waiter finally came, we ordered, food came. .. But wait, where’s our appy?  We asked someone else about it and she said she’d get our waiter.  Waiter came - turns out they didn’t have the appy (the free teaser appy) so he was going to give us dessert instead.  Would’ve been nice if you gave us a heads up BEFORE our main meal.  So that’s fine, at least we’re getting SOMETHING.  Throughout our meal we did not get asked if we wanted freshly grated cheese or fresh pepper.  We frequent Italian Kitchen quite a bit and this was a first.  In addition, we did not get our water refilled and was only asked once about our meal.  All the while he was quite attentive to the tables around us.  We filled out their comment card and we still haven’t gotten a response since.  We usually fill them out and get a thank-you postcard from the waiter.  … Not impressed, Italian Kitchen.  Given that there are so many other Glowbal restaurants in close proximity, Italian Kitchen will probably not be an option.

Italian Kitchen Breakfast - $12.95 (5/7)


Pretty standard breakfast platter.  Loses marks on the visibly burnt bacon.  But it was good nonetheless, since it’s BACON. That’s focaccia behind the massive leaf of lettuce.

Timballo Primavera - 11.95 (4/7)


Nothing special.  It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t amazing.  It’s just pasta and poached eggs.  It’s supposed to come with a salad but we asked for potatoes instead.  When we asked our waiter what our options are, his response was “potatoes and … actually, just potatoes.” So we said yes to potatoes and he said “so you want the potatoes?” Well .. there’s really nothing else, is there?!  Other than the salad that we didn’t want, which was why we asked for another option.

Oh, and he didn’t give us ketchup given that both meals had potatoes.

All in all, service was horrendous.  Food was mediocre.  Maybe it was just an off day?  Maybe our particular waiter was having a bad day?  Who knows.  Sorry, Italian Kitchen.


Sunday - Thursday:  11:30 AM - 1:00 AM
Friday & Saturday:  11:30AM - 2:00 AM

Food:  4.5/7

Service:  3.5/7 

Value:  5.5

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August 29, 2013

We decided to give Miku a try after having recently reopened at their new location at Waterfront, conveniently located right beside Waterfront SkyTrain station.

Calamari - $14 (7/7)

This isn’t your typical calamari! This is THE calamari. It’s not all batter, and the batter actually stays ON the squid without flaking off or leaving any batter residue at the bottom of your plate. The squid itself is the most moist and soft we’ve had. It’s not chewy, and it melts in your mouth! Garnished with pickled beets and cucumber.

Cast Iron Baked Mussels - $21 (7/7)

This also isn’t your typical order of mussels. It’s not accompanied by a broth / sauce, however, it comes with some sort of butter for you to dip your magical, heavenly mussels in. The bacon is oh-so smokey and delicious. PERFECTLY complements the mussels. Probably the best dried (dried because it isn’t swimming in a broth / sauce) mussels in town.

Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi - $15 (5/7)

You can’t go to Miku without ordering their signature aburi dishes. We opted for the salmon one, and to be honest, it was pretty amazing, BUT it just tastes like any other salmon nigiri. Miku salmon aburi enthusiasts - please forgive us. Note - this took an HOUR to come out. Yes, one (1) hour.

Pacific Roll - $15 (4.5/7)

This was kind of .. weird? It’s definitely creative, that’s for sure. You can SLIGHTLY taste the minty-ness from the leaf, if you tried hard enough. Couldn’t really taste the avocado, and the roll had a mushy consistency. This also took an hour. Had we been starved and disappointed with their other dishes, this would probably have been a disastrous meal. Their saving grace was the calamari and mussels.

Miku, when they were at their old location, had much better food. This wasn’t as good, despite their pretty amazing calamari and mussels. 

(The view)

(Irrelevant picture - their old sign from their Coal Harbour location)



Food: 5/7
Value: 4/7
Service: 6/7

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August 28, 2013

chubsbeebs said: Omg green tea menchies!! I've been waiting for that flavour! Which one did you go to!? Ubc or cambie?

Wow, sorry, this is so fail -_- JUST saw this now, but I guess it doesn’t even matter anymore since they don’t have green tea at the moment haha. But it was at the Cambie location! Metrotown Pinkberry has Green Tea, but it isn’t good / comparable … At all.

April 15, 2013
Save on Meats

After hearing much rave about this place, and seeing as how they have chicken and waffles (!!), this was the perfect place for us to dine for lunch. The interior was absolutely gorgeous. It was very retro - very 50’s diner feel. Even the staff made the atmosphere and ambiance pop up that much more. Speaking of which, the staff were VERY friendly, even when they seemed short staffed, they kept their cool and still asked us how we were doing and maintained their manners. Kudos.

Chicken and Waffles - $13.95 (4/7)

Okay, this is literally just chicken and waffles. Chicken with waffles. Waffles with chicken? What’s so good about this dish?!?! Someone please enlighten us. Are you supposed to eat this together or separately!? Anyway, aside from that, the waffle was just meh. Would’ve been better if there were more syrup, though. Or if they gave a thing of syrup on the side. However, the waitress did ask if we wanted more syrup. The chicken was dry but there was only ONE bone throughout. Amazing. The skin was crispy, but not to Church’s Chicken/KFC level. The jalapeno-lime butter was interesting. Different and interesting. Overall, we probably wouldn’t get this dish again. Would we try elsewhere? Maybe.


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April 14, 2013
Miura Waffle Milk Bar

We’re on an adventure to try out all of Vancouver’s finest waffle-making establishments. Sadly, we have yet to try the infamous chicken and waffles combination, so if you have any suggestions, please throw them our way!

Hoisin - $6.99 (7/7)


If you ever have difficulty deciding on what to get because their menu has one too many options, please do yourselves a favour and get this one. Their signature waffle sandwich might be their Bulgogi, but this one is hands down just as good, if not better. Fans of Vietnamese subs will absolutely fall in love with this waffle sandwich. It tastes IDENTICAL to a one, except in place of a freshly baked sub, you get an amazingly fresh and fluffy waffle. The flavours and each ingredient perfectly complement each other and is no doubt the best thing invented.

Bulgogi - $8.49 (5.75/7)

Their signature. This one doesn’t quite taste like authentic bulgogi. Close, but no cigar. The kimchi is quite prominent but does not give off that offensive smell/taste. This combination of ingredients in a waffle is definitely unique. Probably needs more beef though.

BEC - $6.99 (6/7)


Craving for some breakfast but don’t have time to sit down and properly dig through it with your fork and knife? Your solution would be the BEC. It has all your usuals - crispy and crispy bacon, fluffy egg, infused and glued perfectly together with that cheese. And oh, is it ever cheesy and stringy! The smokiness of the bacon paired with the creamy, light, airy egg is pure brilliance. Try eating this without having cheese smeared around your mouth. We dare you.


Monday’s - Friday’s: 11AM - 8PM
Saturday’s - 10AM - 7PM
Sunday’s - 10AM - 5PM


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